Our Classes


This is an area that is equipped with familiar items that sparks a child’s interest. Activities like pouring, peg work etc, refines hand eye coordination, sharpens fine and gross motor skills and develops concentration.




A child can identify, compare, contrast, recognize similarities and differences between abstract concepts such as length, breadth, height or width, and thus classify them according to his or her sensory impression.





Children learn to manipulate math quantities and help to connect the abstract number with the concrete Montessori bead material.




Montessori language is phonetic and alphabet sounds are strung together to create words.





Is another facet of Montessori education, making it a well balanced educational experience. 

Hands on science makes learning fun. Geography teaches the child to learn and associate with the world he lives in, through recognizing various countries and their unique cultures.





Children learn about the great masters like Matisse and Van Gogh in art and Beethoven and Mozart in music and learn to appreciate their particular styles.




*Offered for an additional fee.