About Us

Our vision for our children is to lay a foundation for a lifetime of creative learning.
Our mission is to provide a strong foundation of knowledge through a dedicated teaching schedule which will create a lasting relationship between home and school and to take a child as far as his potential with allow them.
Member - Orange County Association for the Education of Young Children. Member - National Association for the Education of Young Children.

About Us


Our Director Anna Puliyanda, brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. A Masters degree in Economics, a University of California Teaching credential for Gifted and Talented Children (GATE), a NCME Montessori teaching credential and Directorial/Teaching experience since 1990. She began her Directorship at Montessori of Laguna Niguel in 1997.


At Montessori of Laguna Niguel, we provide the best possible education through professionally trained Montessori Teachers, in a carefully prepared environment, where our classrooms include multi-sensorial activities, with highly individualized instruction.


We are proud to announce that our “boutique’ Montessori school of just 62 students, boasts a 90% student acceptance rate into the public school system. Our First Grade Program is registered with the Dept. of Education, through a Private School affidavit. Our students are tested on the Cat 5 /Stanford 9 in-house and currently incorporate Common core curriculum in preparation, for transitioning to public school from Montessori.


We provide various Program options (Part time/Full time) to cater to the needs of every family. In our school age class, you will see children working independently in a prepared environment in the 4 areas of a Montessori curriculum …. read more.


Our lead teachers are all Montessori trained and our assistant teachers all have units in early childhood with  a minimum of 7-15 years of experience here at Montessori of Laguna Niguel.




Summer School Program

Our yearly summer schools are offered in July and August. In addition to the existing academic program, we offer a host of extra activities such as field trips and in-house activities such as magic shows, puppetry, animal and reptile shows and train rides on a weekly basis.


Extra Curricular Activities

Activities such as Music, Dance, Gymnastics and Sports are offered at an additional fee .


Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences are held twice a year to discuss the progress in your child's education.


5 Days - $670/Month

  • 4 Days - $630/month
  • 3 Days - $585/month
  • 2 Days - $500/month



  • Morning 7AM - 8AM - $50/month
  • After School 3PM - 6PM - $125/month